Tips for choosing the best investment company

As for the best investment, most people do not know exactly where to start. Keep in mind that investing is a fierce industry. Those who are not fully aware of what they are doing may lose their hard-earned money. For this reason, most investors would like to receive help from a reputable investment company. 3 […]

Investing and Online Stock Trading and Stock: Money and Risk Management – Atkinson Portfolio Planner (1)

This article was originally included in Daryl Guppy’s Lessons in Applied Technical Analysis, voted for the res1 bulletin for Australian trade by Shares magazine and the №4 worldwide in US Stocks & Commodities magazine, and was reprinted here with Daryl’s permission. In addition to developing solid technical analysis skills, a strong trading psychology combined with […]

Statistical expectation for risk calculation

The world does not work with absolute certainty, but the strategic decisions we choose have some impact on future results. The irony seems to be heightened by those who do not understand much of statistical duration. Adequate understanding of this topic makes the investor more informed about any business or personal desires. The concept is […]

10 basic tips for investors for a successful investment

Trading and investing in the financial markets have never been more popular. More and more people are beginning to see the benefits of spending some time, first investing in themselves through trading and investing in education, but also using this knowledge in the financial markets. While traders can take faster positions and the investor is […]

What to do after LTCG?

The stock market has become more volatile since the announcement of long-term capital gains (LTCG) in the 2018 budget. The main reason may not be the imposition of LTCG, but global volatility, which has increased over the past two weeks and contributed to increased volatility in India. market. Such volatility has caused great concern among […]

Stock trading software

Sometimes the objective information provided by good stock trading software can be very useless in making an intelligent stock decision. Stock exchange software offers a reliable comparison of stocks and offers stocks to be bought or sold. Stock trading software is a mandatory requirement for short-term investors. A variety of stock trading software is available, […]

Give 100,000?

I recently wrote an article in which I mentioned the economic fact that nothing in the world of perception has any value. The only reason anything in your world has value is because you believe in it and at least one other person. The collective agreement is the only reason something in our world has […]