Do you need a hotel tonight? Read this first

If you travel regularly, you will accept that traveling can be one of life’s most energetic efforts. Unfortunately, it can also be fraught with some serious difficulties, and if you’re trying to book a hotel tonight, you probably won’t feel any energy. You are probably panicking a bit because you really don’t know whether to book a hotel that may soon happen. However, there is good news: it could actually work.

The first step in trying to book a hotel tonight is to understand that things may not go your way. Once that feeling has come over you, it’s time to start putting together an attack plan. After all, you are traveling, and any seasoned traveler knows that they must tackle a trip with some kind of plan.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Tech-Savviness is the name of the game – Take a time-out from games on your phone and try to access a host of travel apps aimed at one thing: finding amazing hotel deals at great prices. The amount of flexibility in these travel apps goes where you can handle the entire booking process at your fingertips.

Don’t be that type “ – So, you found out that you had to book a hotel room in a matter of hours. You have the applications on your mobile device working to find you a lot, and when everything seems to have worked, you are not 100% satisfied with the reservation. You have a place to stay, but you are being very demanding, so you call the hotel and decide that you want to lose your weight as a consumer. Don’t be ‘that guy’. Given the time frame you are working with, be flexible with your booking needs versus your wishes.

Hotels are still important – Today, hotels are not the only player in the game. Rental properties, motels, highways, and luxury condos are trying to do business. This means you have many options, which is great for consumers. It can be quite convincing to follow the path of the trendy accommodation option, but remember that you are trying to book a room within a few hours of knowing you need it. Making things work for guests is what hotels do best, so go with the professionals.

So, hope that booking a hotel tonight has what you need for a comfortable stay, all at a great price. You are booking less than twenty-four hours in advance, which can generally be an impossible task. The good news is that the travel industry has been at the forefront of adopting technology to help consumers make the most of their trips. The last minute trip is never easy and sometimes you have to understand that it may not work. Still, being an attentive traveler can make the difference between getting where you want to be or using sad emojis by commenting on all the fun you missed.


Fort Myer hotels are absolutely fantastic

Fort Myers hotels are great for making your guests’ accommodations a pleasant experience. Well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and first-class service, hotels in Fort Myers are simply commendable. With a great atmosphere along with the fascinating sights of the city, your stay at Fort Myers hotels is absolutely fantastic.

Hotels in the city of Fort Myers are available in any other category, from world-class luxury hotels to cheap hotels in Fort Myers. Which hotels to sign up for will largely depend on your budget and taste. If you are a beach bum and would love to check into a hotel with a warm beach view, head to Fort Myers’ charming beach hotels. These hotels not only offer brilliant views, but also present numerous entertainment options to enjoy. By staying at these beach hotels, you can not only enjoy the surroundings in the midst of natural wonders, but also have a good time on the beaches. Play a game of beach volleyball, have fun surfing, kayaking, canoeing, and sunbathing … the fun never ends here. Unique accommodation and stunning scenery … you will love your time in Fort Myers.

Located in the Southwest region of Florida, Fort Myers is a great vacation destination in the United States. Pleasant weather, modern Fort Myers hotels and a host of activities to try, this city is a traveler’s paradise. In addition to its beautiful beaches, the city also has many picturesque places of interest and surprising tourist attractions.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

As the nation’s ninth most-frequented historic home, the States comprise 20-acre land that has historic buildings and gardens, Edison’s original rubber lab, a large museum, food court, and river cruises, among others.

Burroughs Home

The colossal and well-known Burroughs Home and its lush gardens are open for visitors to see this impressive building. In addition to weddings and other private functions they can also be held here.

Fort Myers Historical Museum

Located in the former Atlantic Coast Railroad Depot, the Fort Myers Historical Museum displays artifacts and remains that will give you an insight into the history of Southwest Florida. In addition, a Pullman car, HOPE and a 1900 Cracker House model are on display.

Yacht basin

Yacht Basin is located at Mile Marker 135 on the Okeechobee Waterway. This is a well designed and isolated marina. Own and maintained by the city of Fort Myers, this marina is visited by hordes of tourists and visitors.


The Imaginarium Hands On Museum is where you can see exciting and interactive exhibits that include live animals, wide-screen cinema, a hurricane simulator, and dinosaur digging, among others. In this museum you can see fun shows and 3D presentations.

Eastwood Golf Course

The exquisite Eastwood Golf Course Eastwood is located on Ortiz Avenue near Colonial Blvd in Fort Myers, Florida. The doors of this famous golf course are open to the public throughout the year. You can have a good time relaxing in this place and also delight in the delicious food available in the kiosks located here.


Boston United States Hotels

Boston is one of the richest, most historic, and influential cities in the United States. The city has almost 2000 restaurants and 62 places of historical interest. Boston was once ultra conservative but developed a progressive culture and is now one of New England’s most popular tourist spots. The city receives around 16 million tourists a year, making it one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world. Boston presents a perfect blend of international culture and American history that makes it unique. . Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US. USA And it is characterized by a distinctive European feel that seems to have infiltrated the culture.

One can pay $ 400 for a night at luxurious luxury hotels or get a motel room for as little as $ 30.

Unfortunately, Boston is not known for its budget hotels. Although some bed and breakfast hotels can be found scattered throughout the Brooklyn and Cambridge areas, some research is needed to find them. The most popular B&B is the Boston College Club, located at 44 Commonwealth Avenue, next to Boston Public Gardens. The place offers reasonably priced rooms ranging from $ 80 to $ 200. Midtown Hotel is another budget hotel in Boston located at 220 Huntington Av. The hotel is within walking distance of Symphony Hall, Prudential Mall and Copley Place Mall. Rates range from $ 89 to $ 239

Luxury hotels are found in Tremont, Newbury and Boylston St. These hotels offer some of the best luxury accommodation. Rooms are broadly themed from the old world to the elegant new era. Most hotels in Boston are located near the airport and the train station, making it easy to switch.


Expedia Hotel Deals Guide: Tips for Finding Affordable Hotels and Saving Money with Expedia

Traveling has never been easier (or more affordable) for the average person. Now, it takes less than a day to get to the other side of the world. For thousands of years, it was impossible for someone to go very far. Thanks to sites like Expedia, it’s now a simple process to get from point A to point B, which can be literally anywhere in the world. However, getting to point B is only the first step. You will still need a place to stay and sleep once you get there. That’s where Expedia hotel deals come in.

It is one of the largest and most respected discount travel sites, and has been for several years. The search engine allows you to browse hundreds of thousands of properties, nearly 500 airlines, and various car rental agencies to find affordable rates. You can also keep up to date with the latest deals on vacation packages and cruises.

Here are some tips to save as much money as possible:

• One way to get hotel deals on Expedia is to sign up for the mobile app. You can receive notifications through the app about offers that are not advertised on the website. It is also very convenient and keeps your itineraries stored even when you don’t have Wi-Fi.

• Consider booking a package deal. If you still need an airfare, you can also combine the cost of the hotel and the flight in one package. For additional savings, reserve the car rental as well. Expedia’s search engine allows you to search all three at the same time. This strategy can lead you to great savings to help reduce the total cost of your trip.

• Use coupons. If you are an Internet coupon “trimmer” then you will be happy to know that there are Expedia coupons that you can use to save. Just read the terms and conditions to make sure you can use a particular coupon for your hotel reservation.

• Stay tuned to the “Offers” section. The company constantly updates this part of the site. It has a variety of categories, including last minute deals and cheaper hotel prices. There are offers that appear all the time for hotels in popular tourist spots, both national and international.

• If you are a regular traveler and plan to book a lot of hotels in the future, it might be worth joining Expedia +. This membership program offers exclusive discounts to which regular users do not have access, as well as VIP points and benefits of the hotel.

Last words

Whether you become a Plus member or not, you’ll still find some Expedia hotel deals and affordable airfare.

No matter where you want to go and for how long you plan to stay, you will need accommodation. Always start planning your trip by searching for hotel deals on Expedia. You’ll find plenty of other discounted travel deals too. Get a discount percentage on your next vacation reservation by using coupons from Expedia.


Israel Hotels – Best Kept Secrets

Have you been to Israel before? Where did you stay In a large, well-known hotel in Israel or in a smaller tourist hotel? Both have their benefits. The Israel Travel Center, a leading online website for Israel Hotels, knows ALL hotels in Israel, including some of Israel’s best-kept hotel secrets. These Israel hotels are often ideally located with excellent accommodations, food and service. There are fewer known and therefore may be of interest to you.

A drum please …..

David Citadel Hotel Jerusalem – Hotels in Jerusalem

Overlooking the walls of the Old City, it is the last and most elegant hotel in the capital. The Citadel of David is near the Library Bell Park and a short drive from the Israel Yad Vashem Museum, Artists Quarter, etc., a great location for your Jerusalem Israel hotel accommodation. David Citadel Jerusalem Hotel offers 384 luxurious rooms and suites offering state-of-the-art facilities. The Deluxe and Alcove Deluxe rooms as well as the elegant suites offer spectacular views of the Old City at the David Citadel Jerusalem Hotel.

Dan Hotel Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv Hotels

Dan Hotel Tel Aviv is in the middle of everything, but far from everything. Close to beaches and major shopping malls, the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv is close to nightlife and business districts, and is ideal for a fun and sunny vacation and a high-pressure business trip. The luxurious 186 rooms and suites of the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv offer splendid views of the sea and the city. The salons and special services meet the special needs of the traveling executive. Dan Tel Aviv welcomes you with luxurious rooms, excellent restaurants and a spectacular pool and terrace with ocean views. Private guest lounge serving refreshments throughout the day.

Haifa Tower Hotel – Haifa Hotels

The Haifa Tower Hotel is located in the center of Hadar HaCarmel, close to the main shopping, tourist and entertainment centers of the city. Also nearby are interesting places to visit, such as the Stekelis Museum of Prehistory, the Hecht Art Museum, the Bahai Shrine, the Druse People, the German Colony on the Mount. Carmel, Panorama Center, Stella Maris Church, Elijah’s Cave, Akko, etc. The Haifa Tower Hotel offers 100 well-equipped rooms facing the beautiful Carmel Mountain Range and Haifa Bay.

Sharon Beach Resort Hotel – Herzlia Hotels

Sharon Beach Resort Hotel Herzlia is located on the Herzlia Sea Coast, just a 15-minute drive north of Tel Aviv. The Herzlia Hotel is close to the restaurants and shops of the colorful De-Schalit Square. Within walking distance of Sharon’s seafront, the hotel is close to the new Arena complex and Herzlia Marina. The Sharon Hotel Herzlia offers 170 spacious and comfortable rooms, including 24 spacious “Garden Rooms” and five charming Junior Suites.


Cheap hotels in Bristol for a romantic getaway

Exploring the city while staying at budget hotels in Bristol

Bristol is famous for its hot air balloon love story, so what better way to start your own love story at cheap hotels in Bristol than by viewing the city from the sky? Get on the air with Bailey Balloons’ hot air balloon rides and be literally impressed! Flights start at Ashton Court Estate and offer a truly unique way to see Bristol’s landmarks. For those who prefer a more robust experience, the award-winning Bristol Packet Boat Trips offer another romantic way to explore the city. Enjoy tea on the river as you head upriver to Bath, or take in views of Avon Gorge and the Brifel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge as you float down the river. Whether you choose air or water, both tours provide the perfect start to your stay at budget hotels in Bristol.

Relaxing during your stay

Your romantic getaway to Bristol would not be complete without a day of pure relaxation, and the city has an abundance of spas to choose from. Not to be missed is the Thermae Bath Spa, home to the UK’s only natural thermal spa. Relax in the warm, mineral-rich natural bath water and let the stress melt away. The spa also offers spa treatments and has a deal to seal the rooftop outdoor pool with stunning views of Bristol. If you are interested in exploring holistic treatments during your stay at cheap hotels in Bristol, be sure to visit The Relaxation Center. In addition to saunas and a spa pool, the Relaxation Center also has a relaxation room and meditation garden, and organizes meditation and yoga classes throughout the week. Relax as a couple and unite mind, body and spirit.

Where to eat during your stay

There are some fabulous dining options while staying at budget hotels in Bristol, with a city-wide focus on freshly made, locally sourced food. For an idyllic night head to the Glassboat restaurant on the harbor side. The restaurant inhabits a converted barge, and has provided excellent meals on the water for over 25 years. If you’re looking for a more traditional dinner during your time at budget hotels in Bristol, Bistro du Vin & Bar is critically acclaimed. The restaurant’s excellent European cuisine combines with its luxurious interiors to create the perfect setting for an intimate dinner for two. There’s a restaurant to suit all tastes during your romantic getaway at budget hotels in Bristol!


Top 10 Unique Hotels

Select from the best luxury hotels on an island and cheap hotel prison deals.

When it comes to vacation, the hotel itself can be as much a part of the vacation as the destination. Before making hotel reservations at a luxury hotel, think about all the options available. From a tree house to an ice house, these are some of the most unique hotels in the world.

Kamalame Cay: your own private island

The Bahamas: Robinson Crusoe dreams of living on his own private island? Well, Kamalame Cay offers a private island getaway with Robinson Crusoe adventures and all the luxuries of a four-star hotel. This 96-acre soft-sand island sits just off Andros Bay in the Bahamas and can only be reached by private resort ferry or seaplane. Dotted with private villas, guests can enjoy Caribbean cuisine, some of the best snorkeling and fishing on the island’s pristine beaches, and take a dip in the island’s freshwater pool. Kamalame Cay fuels the need for adventure while offering romance, luxury hotel accommodations and natural beauty.

Utter Inn: sleeping with the fish

Vasteras, Sweden

The Utter Inn, or English Otter Inn, is a small Swedish floating red house with an underwater room equipped with panoramic windows, so you can literally sleep with the fish. The inn is an art project by Mikael Genberg, who has done several other art hotels like the Hotell Hackspett or the Woodpecker Hotel, which is a tree house, located more than 40 feet above a Swedish park. I just hope you don’t get claustrophobic, because it drops you off by boat and they don’t pick you up until morning.

The Jail Backpackers: a sample of Big House at a reduced price

Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia

Built in 1864, this renovated prison now serves as a hostel for backpackers and travelers alike. Located in Mount Gambier, South Australia, Jail Backpackers offers tourists the opportunity to spend the night or the weekend in the slammer at affordable prices, $ 45 for a double room, $ 20 for a bedroom. However, don’t worry; You are not locked up at night. This budget hotel option offers a kitchen, TV room, pool tables, a quiet lounge with a fireplace, landscaped spaces, and a restaurant. The Mount Gambier area offers many outdoor activities, the best known of which is Blue Lake, which is a lake located on a volcano. There are many hiking trails, cave tours, and sandboarding opportunities.

The Queen Mary: don’t jump off the ship on this haunted ship

Long Beach Hotels

Queen Mary Hotel Reviews

If spending the night in a prison isn’t creepy enough, try spending the night in a haunted hotel / ship, the Queen Mary. This ocean liner and the WWII warship have a haunted history. One of the most haunted areas on the ship is the first-class pool that is no longer used. Women in vintage bathing suits have been seen wandering around and wet footprints have been found mysteriously leading from the deck to the locker rooms. The luxury ship / hotel offers more than attractions, but also historical tours, multiple world-class dining options, cabaret shows, a comedy club, spas, and suites. For $ 459 you can spend the night in one of the haunted cabins, but are you brave enough?

Parrot Nest Lodge: in a tree under the stars

Cayo, Belize

Spending the night here will not be as creepy as the Queen Mary, unless you are afraid of heights and birds. The Parrot Nest Lodge consists of two thatched tree houses, four cabins and two bath houses and is surrounded on three sides by the Mopan River, offering a refreshing bath. As its name implies, there are a large number of parrots, as well as hundreds of other birds, making it an excellent destination for birdwatching. Giant iguanas are also another friendly visitor to the garden. Breakfast and dinner are also included in your treehouse room for just $ 40-50 per night of room rental, making it a budget hotel with resort qualities. I hope you are not afraid of nature.

Heceta Head Lighthouse: on the cliffs

Yachats Hotels

If spending the night in a treehouse was too high, try spending the night in a lighthouse perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Heceta Head Lighthouse is over a hundred years old and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world. Heceta is also the brightest lighthouse in Seattle, shedding light 21 miles from the sea. The Queen Ann-style caretaker’s house has been renovated into a bed and breakfast where guests can see the lighthouse at night, a unique opportunity. In addition, a seven-course breakfast is served in the morning, which is included in your room. Magical is the word that many guests use to describe the Heceta Head Lighthouse and the bed and breakfast.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven: ecotourism refuge

Hotels in Parthenon, Arkansas

Taking over four years to create, Beckham Creek Cave Haven was created with the philosophy that the continued preservation of our environment is paramount. Located on a 530-acre estate in the Buffalo National River country, this cave hotel offers solitude and plenty of outdoor entertainment among the Ozarks for ecotourists. Only on the farm there is a mountain and many places for hiking, cycling and fishing.

Ice Hotel: freeze your ice

Sweden A kind of cave, the Ice Hotel is an ice cavern carved out of 10,000 tons of crystalline ice cut from the River Torne. Every year, the hotel must be built from scratch, with new designs and new concepts; it is continually being reborn. This luxury hotel includes an ice chapel, an ice art exhibition hall, a cinema and the world-famous Absolut Ice Bar. If you can cope with the freezing temperatures, the Ice Hotel is worth it.

The Gladstone Hotel: 37 artist-designed rooms

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Each room is not designed with ice, but is designed by a different artist. Located in Toronto, the Gladstone Hotel is a unique city hotel with artist-designed hotel rooms, as well as short-term art studios and exhibition spaces. The hotel offers a unique insight into Toronto’s diverse art scene. Make hotel reservations for the Teen Queen Room and relive your high school years, or spend the night in the serene Skygazer Room decorated with an amazing cloud-like plastic heirloom treatment.

The Burj-al-Arab: sail in luxury

Dubai: Located in one of the fastest growing cities, this Dubai hotel is more than just a hotel; It is an experience. That is if you can afford to make hotel reservations. Similar to an undulating candle, the Burj-al-arab dominates the Dubai skyline at 321 meters. Recognized by some to be the world’s best hotel, this luxury all-suite hotel caters to the wealthy and offers 24-hour care from highly-trained butlers, private reception desks on each floor, and a spa and health club. At night, the hotel is surrounded by choreographed color sculptures of water and fire. The Burj-al-arab is luxury at its best and extravagant.


Looking for hotels in Brenham? Read this first

Every time you and your family travel, they are always doing their best to find the places that make the trip fun and enjoyable for everyone, and this certainly includes finding the right place to stay. If you are in or near the East Texas area and need a place to stay near several major cities, you would do yourself a favor by visiting hotels in Brenham.

Even if you are not completely familiar with the name, you are actually more aware of Brenham, Texas, than you think. It is the world headquarters of Blue Bell Ice Cream., Possibly the official Texas ice cream. The major metropolitan cities of Houston and Austin are just a short drive away, with Highway 290 acting as the highway connecting the three cities. Brenham also promotes tremendous proximity to award-winning Texas winemakers and is seen as the epicenter of the bluebonnet region of central Texas.

If a hotel in Brenham is the action plan, be sure to consider these facts:

Visit the city website – Brenham has a website dedicated to informing citizens and visitors about everything that is going on in the city. Additionally, the city has links to its own tourism website so that visitors can get information on where to stay and play while in Brenham. As you explore the city’s website, you’ll also learn a little about the civic beauty and picturesque nature of this gem of East Texas. Their parks and recreation information is top notch.

Chamber and Board of Visitors – Brenham also has one of the best tourism websites in the state, with a major overhaul for ease of use in recent months. Information about hotels and motels in the area is available, but the site also highlights all the other traditional and non-traditional modes of accommodation that can be found in Brenham or elsewhere in Washington County, TX (the county in which stands Brenham)

It is important to note that using the Internet as a tool to find a hotel in Brenham outside the official city and tourism sites works very well. You just have to know what to look for. Here are some tips:

Read carefully – A search engine query about services, hotels and Brenham yields quite a few results. You will find that the ‘hotel’ designation can sometimes be a bit misleading. For example, the Ant Street Inn located on Commerce Street in Brenham will appear in a general hotel search, but is labeled a bed and breakfast on the city’s tourism site.

Something a little different – Although you are searching for hotels, keep in mind that your general internet search may not lead you to some of the beautiful examples of accommodation that Brenham has to offer, which is a real shame. B & Bs like Wakefield Farms and Southern Rose Ranch and vacation rentals like the historic Holle House are some of the highlights.

Hotels in Brenham are not difficult to find. With a little research, you will surely find the right place for you and your family. Just be sure to leave room to think a little outside the box and be willing to explore more of what Brenham has to offer in terms of accommodation.


Cheap Hotels in Toronto – Surprise yourself with its value and amenities

Toronto, known for being one of the safest cities in the world, is a unique and exciting destination with a dazzling variety of experiences for all its visitors. Whether you are interested in the arts, gastronomy, shopping, commerce or nature, there will surely be something that will really interest you in this city. A world-class city with a diverse flavor, Toronto is defined by landmarks such as the CN Tower and the Art Gallery of Ontario, as well as the picturesque natural paradise of nearby Lake Ontario.

Tempted to visit the city but limited by a limited budget? Don’t worry, as the city has a wide range of cheap Toronto hotels specially designed for you, the budget traveler, whether you prefer to stay downtown or out of town. Saving money at your hotels is a good idea, as there is plenty to see and do in Toronto, which is where you would like to focus your spending.

Providing a more than satisfactory guest experience

You might be wondering, is it possible that your ideal budget hotel in Toronto has all these desirable qualities in one package: affordability, satisfying services, great service and accessibility? Well the answer is surprisingly yes. These hotels may not be branded five-star luxury hotels, but that doesn’t stop them from offering five-star service to all guests and having great locations to boot. All at prices that will not harm your wallet.

Whether you are looking for these hotels in the city center or on the outskirts, you will not be disappointed by the value you will receive. Not only can you enjoy a comfortable night’s stay after a long day exploring or doing business in the city, but you can also be sure of proximity to where you need to be, be it the world-renowned tourist attractions or convention centers of Toronto.

For example, you can expect to be close to the CN Tower and many dining and entertainment options if you stay at a budget hotel in the city center. For nature lovers, they will also be delighted to discover numerous budget accommodation options near Lake Ontario and High Park. Even theme park fans aren’t left out, as there are affordable hotels near Canada’s Wonderland, the country’s largest theme park. Therefore, booking your cheap hotels in advance online would ensure that you get the best rates at the hotel with the location you choose.

Downtown Toronto hotels: convenient and cost-effective

Looking for accessibility, comfort and value for money for your stay in downtown Toronto? Known and praised as one of the most profitable downtown hotels on the North American continent, the hotels here won’t disappoint. This is because the value and convenience you get for a stay here are unmatched – you can even wash your clothes overnight if you want!

If being located in an area with maximum connectivity is important to you, GO Transit and the Toronto Transit Commission operate an efficient network of buses and trains that could get you where you need to be in a jiffy.

Also, with an event calendar full of prestigious international events and festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival in Yorkville, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to be amazed and entertained with world-class events or engage in unique activities. Whether you’re a sports or music fanatic, or just here to shop, there are cheap downtown Toronto hotels that put you close to where you should be. For example, there are affordable hotels near the home of the Toronto Blue Jays – the Rogers Center, as well as the famous shopping haven known as the Eaton Center, which houses more than 230 shops and restaurants.


5 budget hotels for guests in Bangkok’s nightlife districts

Vacationers looking for an affordable place to stay in any of Bangkok’s nightlife districts will have no trouble finding cozy hotels with clean modern rooms. With so many new hotels plus older, well-maintained properties in Bangkok to choose from, making a decision on where to spend the hard-earned cash on a room can flood the best budget-minded traveler.

To start your search and make your hotel search easier, start by searching the city’s nightly entertainment districts for friendly hotels you can afford. Many budget hotels in the $ 40 to $ 50 USD range are located in Nana, Patpong, and Soi Cowboy, which are Bangkok’s top 3 nightlife hubs. Staying in a hotel near any of Bangkok’s 3 nightlife districts will save budget-conscious travelers time and money by having to pay for taxis and train fares, despite these modes of transportation. they are relatively inexpensive.

That said, if given the choice, it’s best to stay close to the Nana nightlife district. As a central location in the Sukhumvit district, Nana has everything party-seekers need for a great night out in Bangkok. There are many places to eat, shop and, of course, drink and have fun. Since the area primarily caters to foreigners, many of the companies in Nana can help foreigners with basic English.

And Nana also has the cheapest quality hotels, most of them located through Sukhumvit 4, just after the Nana Entertainment Plaza’s go go bar center.

The first highly recommended hotel in Nana at Sukhumvit 4 is the Boss Suites. This is a new hotel opened in early 2010. Rooms are modern with a comfortable room size, plus the friendliest guest services I have ever experienced at a hotel priced at $ 45 USD per night. Not bad as the hotel offers guests the use of a swimming pool and a small gym on top.

On the other side is the Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel and Resort. Although it’s an older hotel property, it’s well-kept, and as the name implies, you get a resort like you’re in a concrete jungle like Bangkok. The Woraburi’s rooms, especially the standard rooms, are very basic but clean, though small. But you can’t complain, as it only costs around $ 25 USD per night.

A little further away at Sukhumvit 4 and closer to Nana Entertainment Plaza is the newest. Sky @ 4 and older Royal Ivory Hotel. Both hotels are very good options, although the Royal Ivory Hotel is the best option since the rooms are larger and there is a swimming pool.

The last recommended hotel for guests in Bangkok is the Manhattan Hotel. Located on the edge of Nana’s nightlife, however, there are many popular clubs and bars surrounding the Manhattan Hotel. It is a great hotel property and very popular as rooms can cost up to $ 40 USD during the sale of rooms in low season.