Tips for Finding an Exotic Car to Rent Your Dreams

If you are looking for a rental car market that is cut above the rest, here are some tips to help:

Related travelers – The car you rent can be completely different if you go with your golfing friends to a hot spot with your spouse to an exotic resort. It may be different if you are traveling with children (especially young children). Call the luxury car rental companies in advance to know what is available in the area you plan to rent, so there are no surprises later. Maserati may be available in Miami but not New York, and vice versa.

Research – Go to a website like, or the car dealership magazine to read reviews of some of the most affordable cars on the road today. Also, research websites, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages that focus specifically on luxury items or luxury travel. Many times these areas have great content about the types of cars available for rent or purchase and can give you ideas on what you would like to rent on your next trip.

Reward yourself during a major event in your lifeSave yourself money, then during a wedding, big anniversary, big promotion or other big life event, take a day or two off and rent the luxury car you wanted to drive for a long time.

Insurance – Expensive vehicle insurance can be extremely expensive or, in some cases, unavailable. The risk is simply too great and the insurance companies are not ready to take it.

Plan, plan, plan – I couldn't stress it enough. Most well-planned vacations end well, even if a few pairs come along the road. The reason is that when people plan things ahead of time, they are more prepared for the unlucky ones that can happen and can better handle those adversities. If the rental car company doesn’t have the car you want, be sure to have a story. If you lose your wallet, make sure you know where you can get extra money / funds / credit. If you are taking children with you, be sure to plan what they will need. Of course, given that you are in the market to rent an ultra-high end exotic high-end vehicle, there may be little room for improvisation!

Remember how much it will cost! – For some, especially those who want a premium premium car for the joy of driving, they won't care about the cost. But the price of a one-day rental in some locations may also be the cost of owning a quality used vehicle, and it can be in excess of $ 8,000 a day for the Saleen S7. Of course, renting a car like this versus paying $ 100,000 or more can make it seem like a bargain. Just make sure it's within your budget.

Have fun! – Whether it's a life experience or a trip you can do on a regular basis, always have fun! Fun and excitement come with the territory.