Invisible backpack – a light to travel far

Cesare Pavese says, "If you want to travel far and fast, travel lightly. Take away all your envy, jealousy, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears."

We all travel through life with memories, experiences and stories that serve as the backdrop for our lives. As we approach each new encounter, we carry an invisible backpack filled with everything we believe we need to successfully travel our lives. If we looked carefully at our backpacks, we would find joyful memories, satisfying aha moments, financial successes, hopes and dreams. They are lined with sadness, forgiveness, loss and fear. Although our lives are filled with the grip of experience, we often relinquish the good and amplify the bad.

Psychologists have found that despite the good things we have accomplished, negative emotions are processed in another hemisphere in the brain than positive emotions. Because of this, negative emotions need more thinking and more information to resolve. In addition, Professor Roy Baumeister, co-author of "Bad is stronger than good," found that bad experiences have more impact on us than good. It makes it easier for us to forget the things we are grateful for.

In order to light our bags and empty our invisible backpacks in order to travel quickly, we must unpack the negative beliefs, the unforgivable attitudes we have justified, and the stories "made me wrong." We need to remove as many things as possible that burden us.

Start transforming your life and unpacking your backpack as follows:

Remember the good that happens to you. Five (5) good things will change one (1) negative experience. This is a great time to start a Gratitude magazine or the Daily Miracle Journal. List five or more things that you are grateful for. In gratitude, there are no boundaries; There are no great or small miracles. There is only gratitude. In one year you will have 365 – 1,825 "daily" miracles.

Brag Lists. Make a list of things you have achieved that you can brag about. Try to list seven things. Keep this list always available and review it at least weekly. Your capture list will remind you that in the midst of each new storm, you are pretty incredible and have already conquered many storms. When life whispers "You can't stand the storm." Answer: "I AM a storm."

Identify the miracle. Each experience brings with it a litany of lessons and blessings. Provide lessons learned, lessons learned. If you can't make a difference, take advantage of the lessons learned and the lessons learned so you can change the way you think. Asking yourself how you can grow from this experience will help you find a golden nettle in the midst of what you thought was dark.

Now your bags are easier. What is your next stop?
Board the ship. Your dream is waiting.
Dream big! Live the life you envisioned.
Remember, life is too short to drink cheap champagne.