I worked so hard that I forgot my dreams

There have been many times where I was so preoccupied with the life of a villain that I forgot my dreams. It's easy to do. We definitely need to work hard enough to afford a comfortable, safe and healthy life. But we also need to rest and dream. This is what makes us human. Of course, animals dream while they sleep. They can have desires and desires. But they have little ability to make their dreams come true, and their desires are simplified.

If we spend all our time just staying alive, we negate much of what makes us human. Birds, animals, fish and insects spend most of their time just making sure they have food to eat and somewhere to sleep. If that's essentially what we do, then we're pretty much animalistic. Maybe we would have a great place to sleep, maybe we could eat every meal at the best restaurants, and maybe we would have a sexy car that exists to travel where we get paid to afford our lives, but if we spend all our time and energy basically they get food to eat and a place to sleep, and more to the point, we are not significantly better than animals.

We should have dreams, desires and expectations in order to reach far beyond where we are now. In fun and excitement, yes, but also in ensuring that what we spend most of our waking hours is worth for us and many other people. That he is worthy of a human being.

I dream of traveling and spending time with the people I love. I also have dreams about the things I want to invent, the businesses I want to start, the books I want to write, the people I want to help. I realize that I will not realize my dream. I am a big dreamer and have thousands of things where I would like to be successful. I don't mind my dream of going to the grave with me because I have so many. I don't mind, that is, as long as I worked hard to make some of those dreams come true and worked on it all the time. But as I say, sometimes I wake up and realize that I've lost track of my dreams.

We've all heard stories from people on their beds saying they wish they had played with their children more, wished they had more fun. They planned to visit Europe, but never did. They wanted to start a business. They knew they would be good at it, but things came into place and they never did. They wanted to spend some time helping people less fortunate than themselves, but they didn't. They spend too much time just staying alive and few or no people. People sometimes have dreams in the back of their minds, but they usually do not bring them before them and work on them. They take no responsibility for their lives. They are not considering the things they could do to make life better and more useful for many people.

I realized sometimes in my life that I work very hard for not enough money. I invested everything I had in trying to get enough money. At the time it seemed to work, but in retrospect it seems pretty stupid. I saw that I had a lot of company. A lot of people spend most of their time trying to get insufficient money. Even if they have time in the evening and on weekends, to try to do something to earn enough money, they rarely do. The more I work on not getting enough money, the less time I have to realize my dreams of making enough money and making a lot of money.

I have heard or read something about there being three types of people: those who will write the book the other day, those who will start a business and those who will go to law school. I wish I could remember where I read or heard it. There may be more types of people, but really they are all the same kind of people. They are people who at best have shallow, undeveloped dreams and who probably have vague desires. If gin would grant them a wish, they would accomplish it, but otherwise it is just something they would try to convince themselves and others that their lives are worth.

So to dream. Everything from the very practical to the pie in the sky. Then go to work. Think of them and work on them all the time. Even if we never achieve ninety-five percent of our dreams, we had better try.