Astral projection can be like traveling without moving

Did you see the Dune movie? Or maybe you read the novel? In this science fiction classic, guild navigators could transport ships by folding space. Frank Herbert described the mode of transportation as a journey without movement. Well, astral projection can be similar. One can project their astral consciousness without realizing that it has left the body. In other words, you can travel astrally without moving.

In recent times, some sub-groups of astral knowledge and extraordinary abilities have been delimited. Two of these related talents, in particular, are the disciplines of lucid dreaming and distance viewing. I think it's time to bring them back together and accept both as they are and it's an astral projection. Let's take a brief look at each one and convey it to what is actually happening.

Lucid Dreaming – Almost everyone dreams and sometimes we remember our dreams. Sometimes these dreams are vividly remembered and so intense that we seem to have a direct influence on what happens in the dream. It's called lucid dreams, but I wonder if you ever seriously thought about what everyone actually dreams of? Science, common opinion, and archaic (and erroneous) theories of psychiatry all assume that the dream is the brain that has a night flight of pure fantasy. Nothing can be further from the real truth.

All dreams and especially lucid dreams are astral projections. Consider a movie projector. The images they project look like they are moving, but the projector itself is motionless. Uh, that's why it's called a projector. He projects moving images from himself. In one form of astral projection, consciousness develops towards the astral plane and beyond. However, the other way around is pretty simple. Consciousness can look for the information it wants from the astral empire and then the material is delivered to the stationary consciousness. I suppose you could think of a lucid dream as downloading a movie downloaded from the internet.

Remote Viewing – This exceptional ability is another form of astral projection without moving. In fact, remote viewing is exactly the same as lucid dreaming, except for minor differences. One is the (mis) dream perception of mere fantasy. The person who looks at the distance knows that he is seeing the right thing or place, while the lucid dreamer assumes that he is simply enjoying an unreal show. While in fact, the lucid dreamer is actually witnessing a real occurrence that is occurring in the astral empire or has occurred and is recorded in Akasic records.

The resemblance of remote viewing to lucid dreaming really boils down to one critical distinction. Remote viewing sends an astral camera to a destination in the physical world and lucid dreaming projects that same camera to the point of the astral empire. And your consciousness is that amazing camera. You project astrally without moving, and Elvis doesn't even leave the building.