Dreams, predictions and time travel

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By its definition, foreboding is a foretelling of the future. Dreams are often foreboding subconscious. But what is the scientific basis of premonition? Seeing the future before it happens in your current reality is a journey of time. Ainstein’s well-received relativity physics says that time travel is possible when one object travels faster than another object, especially when one object approaches the speed of light relative to another.
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Earth and all its inhabitants travel at the speed of light relative to a number of other objects in space. So let’s explore Twin Paradox’s theory of time travel and its relationship to dreams and feelings. Einstein related that if two twins were born on earth and one of them boarded a spacecraft, cruised at light speed relative to his twin, and returned to earth, his twin would be long dead. Sub-atomic particle scientists are confirming the factual nature of Twin Paradox over and over again in accelerating particles in large accelerators such as the CERN laboratory.
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So, based on this assumption, it is not a stretch to conclude that a twin returning to earth after his travels could look through his dead twin’s history books or diary and see his entire life in an instant, compared to the short year or two that passed on his journey .
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If you understand the nature of vibration in the body, especially in relation to the Eastern Chakras, you will begin to understand the nature of time travel in your own body. When your spirit resonates with your 7th and 8th chakra, you are moving away from the limitations of your own earthly vessel and can travel at the speed of light, relative to your partner lying in bed next to you. This allows you in a dream or meditation state to witness the future before it happens.
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Think for a moment that you are a photon of light, traveling from the sun. According to Einstein’s equations, you travel at the speed of light, so you can see the entire history of the universe from beginning to end in an instant. This means that the time spent in space from the moment of the big bang to the present, about 14 billion years, can be seen in light, from beginning to end, in an instant. Cosmic background radiation can be thought of as predicting the future of the universe.
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Due to the unique characteristics of the physics of relativity, it is not necessary to jump in understanding to conclude that a twin who traveled from earth is only one or two years old, a much longer time has passed for his long dead twin, and he returns to earth to witness “the future “Your twins.
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Everything in space travels at the speed of light, relative to something else in space. So it’s easy to conclude that our future has already happened, relative to some other observers in space, and our dreams and predictions are simply the electromagnetic signature of that observable future.
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When we dream, meditate, or otherwise free the bondage of our physical vessel, we travel over time. Then we have the opportunity to witness the past and the future, all in an instant. We become like God, who is the light of the universe.
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In the same way, we can consciously shape our future because there are an infinite number of futures for all of us. Knowing what we want in our lives, especially in relation to contributing to the greater vibration of humanity, enables us to shape and shape our future, just as an artist would design a work of art.
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