Bandon Dunes Golf – Golfer's Dream!


The Bandon Dunes Golf Course is a beautifully scenic, true linkage course that offers the absolute best of a single-resort golf experience. From incredible scenery, year-round accessibility, great lodging options, restaurants and a great workout and trail center, Bandon Dunes is the perfect golf vacation experience that won't be quickly forgotten or easily switched. After spending a week nearby – on and off the track – three things clearly made Bandon Dunes Golf a dream golf player.


Bandon Dunes comes with five complete courses, all of which combine the natural beauty of the Oregon coast and the bumpy hills to make laps that are a truly enjoyable experience. Aside from the game itself, which can range from the lightest, most challenging style of play, one of the biggest difficulties is looking at the ball rather than the breathtaking scene. Ocean vistas, pristine dunes, natural canyons and vegetation add a new level of enjoyment that is not available in a handful of courses around the world.

The Lodging

During your stay in Bandon, Oregon, there are numerous resorts and natural spots available. Local establishments are located for golf groups, providing privacy, luxury and a cozy atmosphere especially designed with golf in mind. In many establishments, the rooms reflect the natural beauty of the Oregon coast and nearby golf courses. Everything in there seems to be perfectly made for an accent and a day trip to Bandon Dunes.


As a golfer, Bandon Dunes resort is the primary draw, but after settling down the 18th hole and noticing the phenomenal sunset, you can relax with friends and have a drink around one of the local inns or hotels or visit the seaside town. Bandon, Oregon, is a charming and peaceful place about 90 miles away from Interstate 5. Birds, crabs, surfing and other activities are available if you have enough power after a swing, but there are plenty of evenings to enjoy in the evening, drinks or even dancing until you spend the night.

In conclusion, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is a dream place because it is a dream place! The beautiful city, beautiful accommodation and stunning scenery of the golf course made me stop and pinch so often to make sure it was real.


Overview of world ventures – the ability to do business at home

Here's my review for a home based business opportunity at World Ventures. I plan to highlight some key factors that will help you decide for yourself if World Ventures is the home business for you. Enjoy!


World Ventures is an MLM travel company. Like any parent company that deals with MLM products, the product must be able to stand on its own feet regardless of any compensation plan. And since the company was launched in December 2005, World Ventures have provided a solid product for the travel industry, with no hidden catch or qualifying tricks. With more than 100,000 customers, this company is proving one to watch out for.

Dream trips

World Ventures Dream Trips membership offers holiday deals at wholesale prices. Their goal is to provide dream trips at dream prices. This is a vacation / vacation club, but ultimately a lifestyle club. World Ventures offers a large collection of travel deals available to its members, from sporting events and adventure vacations to luxury cruises and mini vacations. Not to mention luxury dream trips that may include personal jets! Nice!

The company uses its mass membership to influence these wholesale prices. The vision is to become one of the largest and most respected travel companies in the world! At the heart of the World Ventures dream trip is a company called Rovia. This 25-year-old company is supported by years of experience. It shows the level of support and marketing training for independent representatives.

World Ventures has been in business since 2006. There were only 15 dream trips available at this early stage. That has evolved to an impressive 230 trips for 2009. So business is going well, it has sold $ 250,000,000 so far. It automatically gives this company a thumbs up from me.

LTC package

As a US resident, you can also become a Leisure Travel Advisor (LTC) that offers representatives a replicated Rovia comparison site. This search site is intended to promote customers using World Ventures marketing tools provided in the back office. You earn commissions when someone buys anything from this site, and you can also use it to book your own travel deals.

Tourism industry

World Ventures has positioned itself as one of the most prominent travel companies online. Most online purchases are made in the travel industry, which again proves that World Ventures dream trips are falling.

So who are they?

The dream team behind the dream trip has a good background. And it's refreshing to see that an MLM company has a team of leaders, owners and directors who are not trying to hide. Mike Azcue, CEO of World Ventures, has an impressive background in this industry. And the list of inspirational leaders goes on, this is a strong corporate team. This is something to consider before you consider starting an MLM business. Do your research.

Compensation plan

World Ventures use the Binary Compensation Plan. This basically means that you need to put together two teams for your business. One team to your right and one team to your left, all visible in your back office. Whenever you get three new representatives on your right and left teams, you get your bike bonus as well as a paycheck for each personal enrollment. This type of compensation plan is good for building a team to help and support one another.

And the ingenious part of the World Ventures compensation plan is that you don't have to personally sign up for new reps to get a cycle bonus. Which means you can potentially build your business just for you! But no promise, it's not a quick get rich quick scheme. This is a legitimate domestic business opportunity in the tourism industry.

Get four and pay no more

If you bring four people to the World Ventures Travel Discount Club, then you give up your monthly membership and you play for free. This is another ingenious impetus to getting started as an independent company representative. They want you to use word of mouth marketing, which is very powerful, to spread the word of trips from World Ventures Dream.

You don't have to take one of the Dream Trips or sell Dream Trip members every month to get paid. If you are an active member, you will receive a salary. Therefore, ignore any allegations of World Ventures fraud on the World Ventures Compensation Plan. Be sure to act carefully when looking for a home based business opportunity and do not believe what everyone says, some will try to divert people exploring specific companies.

The future of World Ventures biz is bright, as it continues to expand rapidly around the world. This is a legitimate home business in the tourism industry.


Best Starting Business Ideas: Some suggestions

Looking for the best startup business ideas? Everyone dreams of one day starting their own business. As a kid, you probably dream of creating your own toy factory or creating your own boutique someday. As we age, these dreams do not perish. Sometimes they stay untouched and thoughtless in the back of our heads because we get too attached to other things, like managing someone else's business. We all want to be our own boss and be able to generate enough or even more money to live the life we ​​want.

The desire to have your own business is sometimes fueled by your longing to have more money to buy your dream home, drive your dream car, travel to different places, or save for college. Everything is fueled by your dreams of a better and more comfortable life.

Many successful entrepreneurs say that one of the best startup business ideas is online business. With the power of the internet, there are tons of business ideas you can have. You can create a virtual assistant service, a small call center, a public relations business, or a web design and development business if you have the right skills and knowledge. A lot of people are shopping online today. You can start selling various products online, such as clothing, footwear, toys, bags and accessories in a huge market with great buying potential. Since you can sell almost anything online, all you have to do now is be creative with the products you plan to market. Internet business also includes life coaching. You can offer to help other people cope with their stress and problems. You can help them become better people and help them lead their lives as positively as possible.

Other best startup business ideas include candle making business, cake decorating, real estate agency, custom jewelry, event planning, toy cleaning service, personal shopper or flower arrangement. You can run an accounting service, an administrative salary, a travel agency, be an interior designer or farmer, and sell crops. You can grow your own flower garden and start your own flower salon. There are so many business ideas out there, you just have to choose the right one for you.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best startup business ideas. You need to consider your budget, your knowledge, skills and the amount of time you can give your startup business. Remember, for a business to succeed, you need the skills and time to be successful.


Traveling in southwestern Montana

Southwest Montana is not about the glamor of national parks, but about ghost towns that have been around since the mining days of the late 1800s. These miners were more interested in extracting wealth below ground than in constructing structures to withstand time; However, the remnants still stand today, returning us a glimpse into the past of mining dreams of pleasing the rich or hoping girls out of hope into better days. Now the remaining buildings and mines in these cities tell the story and maintain a place in Montana history.

Garnet Ghost Town High in the Garnet Mountain Range is Montana's most iconic ghost town, where quartz bearing 1860 gold was discovered. Being in such a remote location, the miners faced many challenges without the use of heavy equipment. Even getting there today using the route that the miners have suffered can be a challenging side, as the Cave Gulch Road is a steep, one-lane dirt road along the shore of a mountain with switchers; However, the beautiful scenery of the valley below makes the ride worthwhile.

1862 gold was discovered at Grasshopper Creek; as a result, the city of Bannack was founded. As the word spread, miners and businessmen flocked to the city in hopes of hitting it. Due to its growth and rapid wealth, Bannack was declared the first territorial capital of Montana in 1864; However, not long after, the capital moved to Virginia City. From 1860 to 1930, Bannack prospered as a mining town, by 1950 most people had left, leaving Bannack a ghost town with over 60 structures from the late 1800s for future generations to see what gold miners & # 39; life was like that.

All Montana shares the deepest pride and affection for Virginia City, the most feared pioneering mining camp with dramatic stories of the early days that ever existed. The area was so rich in gold that small communities spread everywhere, with Virginia City and Nevada City being the major centers of commerce. For ten years from 1865 to 1875 the city of Virginia City was called the Territorial Capital of Montana, but like most things, gold ran out, leaving only so many to occupy the houses and business occupied; as a result, the city has frozen over time as an old West Victorian city. Today, the Virginia city and surrounding area is rich in natural beauty, recreation and history.

The history of Montana is not all about fame and fortune, it was to uphold a form of justice for bands of outlaws who raced in the early Montana area, leaving a trail of destruction. On July 2, 1871, solid iron bars first closed at the Montana Territorial Prison at Deer Lodge, now the Old Prison Museum displays an enviable view of what life behind bars is like, dedicated to the guard law of justice. Behind the stone towers and iron gates is a daunting main cell block, built by inmates using 1.2 million of their own bricks. Walking the islets to the cell block with the slider cells and the black box used for maximum safety will send cold to the spine.

After the closure, the Museum walks the memorial path through the Automobile Museum, which houses over 160 classic vehicles. One will see cars from the late 1800s with a staggering eight horsepower to 1970 muscle, with a million miles of stories.


Girl for a girl with the fruit of a dream bandage

You may be skeptical and that's fine, but I can assure you that this dream-walking seduction tactic works perfectly. I'm sure it's also different from any you've seen or tried before. I will start by saying that astral travel is real and that I have been exploring the ethereal empire regularly for the last six years. One day, people will be awakened by the simple fact that what separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is NOT our opposing thumbs or ass muscles that allow us to stand upright. Homo sapiens are unique WHY we have souls, or rather our subconscious minds are ghosts that exist simultaneously in our bodies and in the etheric plane. And I'll show you how you can easily tell the truth of that statement – while solving the tricky problem of changing girl to girl or turning boyfriend to boyfriend.

Dreaming is an expression of an astral ability to project your dream spirit into another person's dreams. Dream walking happens naturally all the time, but most people do not realize that they are actually establishing an astral connection. The problem with random dream walking is that the casual dream walker does not focus and project his or her intentions. But it can be solved.

One of the most nervous situations that people encounter is a boy friend or girl friend, not a boy or girl scenario. Going into the category of friends instead of becoming a lover is usually the kiss of death to the seducer and too many people fall into it. Often there is no way to turn a friend's relationship amicably into romantic or sexual. The trick of seducing a dream walk is doing a great job of eliminating the problem.

Since you are already friends with the person you want to seduce, you already have a relationship with that person. You can get into their dreams and they'll know it's you. The relative stranger could not leave the same familiar impression. That knowledge is paramount to the tactics of seducing a dream walk. In fact, with the seduction of a dream walk, your friendship with that person gives you a trump card over any other seducer in her life.

I expect you are no longer an experienced astral traveler, but this is not really a huge problem. Methods are available that allow people to jump directly into aspects of ethereal competence without immersing themselves in others. Such a program is based on binaural beats. Binaural music is designed to bring the human mind into the correct frequency of astral travel or others. The type of punch you probably need is one that is designed to trigger the occurrence of Lucid Dreaming &.

Lie in bed, close your eyes and start your binaural rhythm. Focus your thinking on getting into the dream of the one you want to seduce. As their friend, you may have something like his / her clothes like clothing that retains a smell or a feeling that might help you deal with it better. Relax and let the binaural rhythm take effect.

When you enter the right dream state of frequency, imagine traveling to a room where the girl or boy you want to seduce is sleeping. Then allow your dream consciousness to merge. You will find that this happens easily and naturally. Then add your best foot forward – BUT – you don't have to find yourself limited as if you were in real life. It is his / her dream after all and almost anything can and does happen in dreams.

I certainly do not recommend that you commit date rape in your dream – it is hardly a good impression, even though your intention would not be to know that it was actually you, and only the dream that he constructed you. But you can certainly embrace them passionately and sweep them off your feet. This will often turn into a situation of consensual intimacy because he or she is not bound by the rules of society when they are in a dream. Believe me on this – dream sex or astral sex is an amazing experience! But you want this romantic direction to be conveyed to the real physical world too, and that the seduction of walking seduction will do it.

Imagine what would happen if the friend you were currently attached to was chasing your dreams. Wouldn't that person soon become your dream girl & # 39; or your dream guy & # 39; and you might start to want more from your friends? Of course! And that's exactly what will happen when you infiltrate your friend's dreams. Soon you will be her / her dream buddy and he / she will start fantasizing about you and in your waking life. You just don't want to play TOO hard when they start seducing you.

I hope I have driven away skepticism and given you good reason to seriously consider an unusual solution to a common dilemma. This move of seducing the dream walk really works. I have done it several times already with 100% success. I have experience with dreaming and astral travel that you probably don't have yet, but it's not a breaker because the technology of binaural beats exists and it's proven. As I said earlier, one day most people will accept the existence of astral methods because all our spirits regularly visit / exist there.


Follow your dreams – don't delay

Most of us have dreams for our future, dreams are what give life blood to our desires; But how many of them or do we allow them to disappear without fulfillment?

You might say that I'm too busy right now or I'm young, too old or too tired or any other excuse you can think of. You may feel too tired or desperate because your life has become boring. It's time for a change. We usually only change direction when something forces us to rethink our lives.

Why are most of us such suspects, not believing in our abilities or doubting our courage.

Hold on to those dreams, don't let them escape, they will fill your days with joy, strengthen your resolve and develop you as a person. They can make you learn new things and stretch you to boundaries you didn't know existed.

It will bring you frustrating moments as you strive to achieve your goals, but also untold pleasure if you just step out of your comfort zone and experience a true life. Don't accept the second best just because it's easy, strive for what you believe in. Be passionate about your goals. Just do it!

You may find it a boring job or you want to change careers, wanting to travel the world or learn to play music or paint. Whatever your dream is, find a way to make it come true, incorporate it into your life, see what is possible, and make plans for incorporating it.

Anthony Robbins suggests that people are depressed because their dream lifestyle, that is, their life plan and reality, are separated. Try and bring yours closer to a happier future. You may need to rethink your lifestyle, is that really what you want to be able to improve it.

People who live their dreams and fill their days with work they enjoy do not consider it a job, think of actors, sports people, artists and many others. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams. The freedom to follow your own path is a desire that many would like to tread. Freedom to make decisions and follow them.

What you would like not to do is search your soul for your true delight. Want to travel, change careers, find a new job, pursue a new sport or hobby. Spice up your life.

You may need extra money to get started or it may be about wanting to start a business or invent something. If you make a plan, it is possible to incorporate it into your life without hurting your loved ones. Talk about it and see what is possible, you may realize that much of your dream has come true.

Make this an exciting year!


Why do we choose to travel?

Trains, buses and planes have been crowded in recent years with young people with a backpack or cabin luggage and a determined expression. What are they looking for? What is their goal and destination? It is time to explore the reasons for this international exodus.

You can't say old people don't travel. However, I dare say that the goals of students and young people are generally different from the old groups. Perhaps students want to escape beyond the boundaries of the new individuality gained through our early adolescence or our personalities formed after a wild adolescent period. Maybe it's our parents' eternal denial of everything they couldn't do when they were our age. Maybe it's a sense of need to escape and get rid of everything at once, maybe we just need to find something to join. Or what drives us is the incredibly cheap price of travel flights … anywhere. Where are the students eventually trying to save every penny.

Vacation Adventure

Young people who actually plan their trip at least a little bit usually go on discovering and adventures. Places full of life and people tempt students, but on the other hand, an abandoned landscape of untouched nature. As you discover new places and enjoy the wildlife of traveling, there is nothing better than a group of friends with whom you can share every crazy detail you may notice or the dumbest ideas you have along the way. Still, if you don't have a group of 5 best friends around you will do well with just one or even your girlfriend / boyfriend. Despite all the liberties and relaxed claims of people who actually travel alone, this is the saddest thing for me. Be honest and don't be fooled … You just need someone to watch your stuff while you rest or to picture you leaning on the Eiffel Tower in the air.

International Studies

If we neglect holiday travel seeking fun and exploration, the next strong incentive to escape from our borders is studies. Well … studies. I'm not sure about other parts of the world, but today in Europe the Erasmus program is enjoying such popularity! I am sincerely afraid that the amount of money for this purpose that comes from EU funds will soon be higher than all the amounts for all the indebted European economies. Find a partner college, apply, get a scholarship, pack a suitcase and head out to conquer the world? How cool is that? Moreover, apart from the general knowledge generated by the idea of ​​international beer work or similar competitions, you can really profit from these exchange programs in terms of gaining valuable knowledge in courses that would not be available at your university. Not to mention the fact that you can finally improve the etiquette of your language skills by saying "fluent". Your resume can never be better, right?

Work experience

When a student begins to feel the end of their life (study), it is the right time to start balance. It is often concluded that the theory or diploma studied may not impress the HR professional as much as expected. So, what could hit him or her? Maybe an experience, maybe. But you can't find them anywhere under the table. To take advantage of it, it is crucial to consider participating in internship, training, or short-term work programs. And it's a good opportunity to spend a few more months abroad, especially when you find your country boring. Students are looking for an internship relevant to their field of study or choosing one of the options in the country of destination in which they wish. Work and travel programs in Asia have been very popular lately. This way you can easily become a language teacher or a hotel receptionist. Agricultural jobs in Australia and professional internships in multinationals in America are also the most sought after. A big part of these short-lived hard-working migrants are brave Au Pairs who are not about to fight crocodiles or yellow fever, however, fighting more annoying screaming piles of busy irresponsible parents. But in the end, all the troubles and inconveniences are worth it. After all, they will see the world and be paid for it.

A life mission

Going abroad for long or a lifetime is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions of your life. From my point of view one feels a kind of life mission and may lack the right place to realize it. The prospect of a successful carrier is what invites us abroad or is an environment that would inspire and support you professionally. I can think of an appeal for an atomic physicist coming from CERN, Switzerland. We expect the same enthusiasm from a student of fashion design, avant-garde Italy who is attracted to him, or from an archaeologist who longs for excavations in South America. If the field of study is more traditional (I try to avoid the term mainstream), it often moves in the direction of "higher pay". If the idea of ​​material security drives us beyond borders, we are usually strongly attached to our homeland and those we leave behind. It is actually possible that one day we may return. At least that's what those who love us for the sake of wealth think. Another reason you leave for good may be love. You know how it works, falling in love on summer holidays is so easy, especially when you get the feeling that you are a romantic hero, suffering from a never-in-love. However, transportation costs are steadily declining despite rising gasoline prices, so the story doesn’t really have to end in a tragic way like in the novel. This is quite normal, the world is full of multicultural families, bilingual children and grandparents who travel to visit their beloved grandchildren once a year. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, not every such love story is a happy ending. Not that I would want to stop anyone from following his love, go for it!

Our dreams

In my opinion, young people don’t really have to think so much about travel. We travel because we want to. We can logically state the reasons why we think we want to travel. Everybody has some dreams. Dreams, visions and goals, and we are unconsciously trying to achieve them. We live in an age where trying to look for happiness somewhere else is no wonder. We all especially dream of the glorious American Dream, or just find a job in the US, enjoy all the attractions of the country and culture and maybe stay a lifetime may be a good scheme to follow in any country you like. And it doesn't matter if the love of your life or the very new astronomical observatory brought you there. Let us travel for any reason to any place. And if you are too lazy, try to imagine yourself in the age of your parents, sitting on the sofa with a starving expression, repeating to your children over and over, "If only I was once again your age …" Imagine. Then shrug, grab the camera and go.


Villa for rent – an elaborate dream vacation

In modern times, society as a culture spends a lot of time traveling not only locally but also beyond. Although hotels and motels are an acceptable custom for ordinary travel, a complex dream vacation captures a unique exotic appeal.

To satisfy this cultural thirst for an elite experience, rental villas are saturated with incredible prices for the vacation rental market. An international journey with light borders has opened up a whole new world of great fantasy and imaginative exploration for adventurers at heart. Without borders, the world is opening doors for villa rentals, whether traveling to France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the Middle East, Italy, South America or islands off the coast of Greece. The villas are so diverse in style and design that this form of architecture is a common description. Diversity is evident regardless of visiting French villas or modern contemporary Swiss homes or crossing borders to medieval empires where Scottish castles still dominate the landscape.

One of the themes present in all villas is a stylish elegance with a tendency towards lush atmosphere and exotic locations. Ceremonial gardens have historically been the hallmark of villas from ancient Rome to medieval times in France, when families formed agrarian societies to manage their vineyards. The patios made up a unique social area within the home, while the inner courtyards served as forums for entertaining.

Modern rental villas have retained this formal custom, keeping in mind socializing. Facilities such as a large swimming pool, gardens, patio and great lounges provide social centers in many villa houses. Imagine fine sculptures set inside beautiful gardens, designed purposefully with relaxation and practical use in mind. The ambience goes beyond usual. In medieval times gardens were a central theme of family estates.

In order to satisfy the desire to experience this level of eloquence and finesse, vacation rentals are mostly rented out to villas they rent instead of traditional holiday homes. Enjoy an atmosphere of luxury, comfort, style in the villa to be rented, while experiencing cultural amenities and entertainment that are often available in the immediate vicinity.


The meaning of dreams – daydreaming about the past

When you see dreams where you live in your past home, wear old clothes, or are much younger, it means that you are repeating (usually misguided) behavior that you have had in the past.

Your dreams have a specific meaning, which you will be able to check out in practice after learning the scientific method of dream interpretation, discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research, discovering more and proving that he really discovered the right code for the perfect dream translation.

I have transformed his complicated dream interpretation method into a very simple and straightforward method of rapid dream translation that even a child can learn. The language of dreams is just like any other language consisting only of words. The difference is that instead of speaking in words, the wise unconscious mind speaks through images and scenes.

You will notice that the unconscious mind is your protector and sends you many warnings when you are wrong, when you are wrong, and when you cannot see what is happening to you.

Living in a past situation in a dream means that you are still as attached to your personality as you once were while living in a past situation where you see yourself.

This is not a good sign unless you used to be wiser when you were younger, which is unlikely. Usually dreams of past situations remind you of your childhood personality, at a time when you were too ignorant and did not understand the meaning of your behavior.

Your behavior invalidates your mental health. If you act like a child, it means that you are dominated by your primitive side, the side of your developing conscience like your human side that is sensitive and can discern what is good and what is bad. Your primitive, animal side is totally immoral, cruel and cunning like a wolf.

It locks you into false, inappropriate and ridiculous behavior patterns so that it can lead you to madness and despair, completely destroying your human conscience and thus completely controlling your behavior.

Never be indifferent to the unconscious & # 39; sleep warnings!

If you repeat past wrong behavior, it means that you are in danger: you must live in the present and have better behavior, be more mature and serious, so that you can escape from the pitfalls of the absurd. from the side of your conscience and from the traps of the dangerous world you are in.

Face reality and abandon your childhood thoughts and feelings. Learn how to automatically translate your dreams the same way you learn how to automatically translate English into Spanish and use this tool forever.

You will have constant advice and guidance in all aspects of your life. An unconscious mind will help you become more intelligent and find true happiness without threatening the hidden dangers as you do now.


Life is just a dream

Row by boat, gently down the stream. Happy joyful joy, life is just a dream.

As kids, we sang this song. Hands raised. Voices raised. We danced around and sang joyfully. One would start and the other would follow. Long ago, this choir escalated into a harmonious, air-resonant expression. But something happened. The harmony of many diminished one by one, each person singing the last line, "life is only a dream." Then it was over. We are adults. We stopped singing. We stopped playing. We stopped living. Instead, our lifestyle has become work and more work.

Every day we go to jobs we hate and live unsatisfactory lives. Unfortunately, it becomes normal for people to work 60-80 hours a week. The bosses expect it! It's the workaholics who get promoted. People are climbing the corporate ladder, talking excessively over their cell phones, bringing work home and working on their laptops by the wee hours of the morning. If you ask these people why they work, they list the payout or what they have as a result. They show the car they drive, the house they live in, and the elite circle of elbow-rubbed houses. After all, we all want the American Dream.

The media helped shape our dream. Pictures like Rolls Royce, a yacht, a mansion, a private jet sign represent the American dream. Traveling to exotic places, champagne, caviar and special treatment is what we dream of. Stacks of dollar bills in the hands of a person who joyfully throws themselves into the air are symbolic of wealth and abundance. Vision is a house with a white picket fence; attractive spouse; two children, a boy and a girl; two vehicles in the driveway … excuse me, in the garage; and landscaped yard. It's a "good life." The couple walks confidently on the sidewalk with baby strollers and well-groomed canines, nodding politely to passers-by.

However, there is no smile when we repeatedly tell the child, "Go play. Dad works." Or we explain to our significant other, "The reason I'm doing this is for you." Or we miss the recording our son or daughter made because we were talking on cell phones, instead of being present at the moment. We tell ourselves that we are working hard to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. We tell ourselves that a good life requires hard work and perseverance. But the basic truth that drives us is the fear of not having or not going forward. Constant work isolates us from the very things we want. And isolation creates a void from the inside. Loss is eternal because we give up ourselves more in the realization of a dream.

How do we have the life we ​​imagine without alienating or endangering what most means to us? The answer is as simple as a song we sang as children. "Order … your ship" suggests that I am fully involved in your life. Take your boat – your gifts, your talents, your skills, your resources, your abilities – and work them over and over again. However, act honestly and cooperatively with your life course. Thus, "gently down the stream" suggests a movement that is not coercive, violent or intrusive. It is not driven by struggle or effort. You are not paddling against the current nor are you paddling competitive but "merry". Joy is a byproduct of engaging in what you love to do. Joy attracts. It does not isolate itself. There is a thrill that is eternal and in proportion to rowing. There is a synchronized rhythm between Being, Working and Having.

So in honor of the American Dream, I propose a different definition. The American Dream is a wealth of spirit that flows to all you love, through everything you do, and is ultimately reflected in the abundance of your accomplishments. It is a celebration, a return to the joyful heart of a child who laughs uncontrollably, plays heartily and dances freely. It's freedom to be all you are. It is a GREAT life that reflects GREAT you. The life you dream of.